Sierra Wild Flowers - Lake Tahoe


"I loved the flowers." - Anonymous

"i loved all the winderful imformation this provided me" - michelle

"thank u guys or girls for the helpful and yet very interesting flowers i never even heard of until today by a friend. i love the pictures of the flowers and thank you again." - sarah

"thank you so much Sierra Wild Flowers website because these flowers were so BEAUTIFULL, I was going to die. ;}:)" - tori

"thanks for the pictures and info and keep up the good work" - abby

"this is zach here and even though i'm a boy and not girly i enjoyed learning new facts about the Mountain Bluebell flower and now i have something to get my girlfriend. thanks again." - zach

"i thought this was just a great thing to witness. thank you kind people who set this up!!!!!:)" - kaylee

"Thank you for the beautiful photography and information on each of the wildflowers. Information on edibility and uses by natives are often hard to find. Also love the identifiability in that you give several pictures showing the leaves and plant as well as the flower. Sometimes it may be helpful to show different times of year. " - Jo

"Thanks for your wildflower photos and names! Beautiful photographs, along with trustworthy info." - Marilyn

"As a critic of my own photographs, two things jump out about your photos. First, the specimens are fully developed and in wonderful condition. Second, the depth of field in your pictures is fantastic. I sometimes shoot at F/32 to get that depth of field, but find if the camera moves in the slightest or if the wind moves the flower, the subject is blurred. It hard to carry a tripod on hikes. Great shots. Please continue to expand the number of flowers included on your site. " - Mike Perine